The Journey So Far…

I am literally just hours away from boarding my flight to Cincinnati, Ohio…

Hours away from starting a brand new chapter in a (somewhat) brand new environment…

All I can really say at this point is:




(Roughly translated to “WHAT!?!?!?!?!?” … *sigh* Okayyyy… I think I’ve been watching a bit too much anime lately)


But really though – Where on Earth did all the time go!?!? It literally only feels like I just made my decision to take the internship yesterday…

How do I even begin to articulate how I’m feeling in this moment? To give it a shot…. I’m feeling…..

Excited: It’s not every day that one gets an opportunity like this! My time in OTR will undoubtedly be challenging and stretch me in ways that I never thought I could be stretched, but I’m excited for growth; excited for the new relationships; excited for the new culture; excited for a different spin on the ministry that I’m used to… and so much more! (And Graeter’s Ice Cream. This, I cannot deny. *Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss*)

Anxious: For many years, I’ve had the notoriety of despising uncertainty… Sure, it’s gotten better over the years, but with such a huge transition just over the horizon, I can’t help but feel anxious about where exactly God is taking me next in my faith. Stranger in a strange land, much? I honestly do find the idea of “starting over” to be a bit tiring – And just when I felt like I was getting really settled into an awesome community over in San Diego… haha. Nonetheless, I am praying & hoping that all goes well!

Loved: Even as of now, I’m still trying to process all the love that I’ve received (and still am receiving) over the past few weeks… All the farewell hangouts, dinners, gifts, donations… I honestly feel incredibly far from deserving of any of these things… I am reminded that truly, love keeps no record of wrongs (1 Cor 13:5), and truly, God’s grace was at the very core of all these wonderful blessings from family and friends. You have all definitely inspired me to continue striving to be graceful to those around me…

Tired: It’s been a rather *BUMPY* day with a flat tire (yes, the pun was intended) early in the morning and my travels to San Diego delayed for a good 4 hours. But despite the setbacks, the trip back to SD was a safe success! God is good.

StuffedTacos El Gordo as my last meal in San Diego? But of course! 

… And I could honestly keep going, but I’d be sitting here hacking away at my laptop and potentially missing my flight… *yikes*

But the one sensation that strangely… holds all the other feelings together in a nice little translucent bubble…. is peace.

Feelings come and go, but I have found myself overwhelmed with peace over the past couple of months in the preparation process. In normal circumstances, I would have freaked out over my seizure and consequent suspension of my driver’s license and job… freaked out over figuring out all the logistics for the trip and attempting to tie loose ends in such a short frame of time.

In reality, it actually seemed as if others have been freaking out about this whole behemoth of an internship way more than I have… Not to blame them, of course! But with God’s amazingly clear guidance and protection over me in the past couple of months, how could I possibly doubt that He wouldn’t be able to take care of me?

Who knows what interesting and/or challenging things I’ll face in Over-The-Rhine?  I cannot change the cards that I am dealt with, but I can most certainly change how I play the cards. I will definitely need to constantly pray for discernment in these circumstances!

But all in all, I’m feeling very good about 2017 (:

Long-Term Prayer Requests will come up as I begin ministry in OTR…

But I do have a couple of Short-Term Prayer Requests that I’d like to share before my departure!

  1. Safe Travels – Pray for Esther Chailim and I as we fly out to OTR! (Esther will be helping facilitate my transition for about a week) Early morning flight at 6:15am with a layover somewhere in the mix… We expect to arrive in Cincinnati around 4pm EST. Let’s pray that stays true (:
  2. Adjustment to OTR – Things are sounding pretty low-key in OTR right now during this holiday season. Pray that I can take this opportunity to adjust to my new home, community, and especially the weather. In all seriousness, pray that this poor California Boy doesn’t freeze over into a popsicle (or as I like to call it, a *Jonsicle*) as I adjust to Eastern US Weather!
  3. Homesickness – I may have underestimated how much I’ll actually miss everyone from back home in SoCal… ): The thought is slowly creeping up on me, but pray that this won’t hinder me from being present in OTR as I’m going through this transition in life!


Thank you for joining me on this journey! Happy Holidays and see you all on the other side (of the nation)! Peace out, California!


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